You're thinking about launching a membership program... CONGRATS!  Gathering a tribe of like-minded people would be awesome, right?  ... and predictable recurring revenue - who wouldn't love some of that?

Click to download  if you have not yet run your membership concept through the 5 filters I've recommend for any new membership idea.

Click to download if you have not yet run your membership concept through the 5 filters I've recommend for any new membership idea.

But how do you know if THIS idea is the RIGHT idea?  What if you invest time and money into building this thing and it turns out to be a big fat flop?

Today, I invite you to listen in as I explain what I call the 29 x 29 membership strategy. It's the fastest, easiest and lowest risk way I know to plan and launch a membership concept.

Click play on the video below and I'll share why this approach is so effective and how you can execute this strategy very quickly to begin gathering your own paying members.

I'm Joy Duling. I've been helping my clients launch, run and grow membership programs for more than a decade. 

If you can dream it, I can help you build it... without all the worry and second-guessing and without the technology hassles that come with trying to figure out everything yourself.

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“Joy Duling’s Member Magnetism course came to me at the exact perfect moment. I was committed to creating a membership site, but I knew there were things I didn’t know how to do or where to find what I needed.  Joy deftly filled in a bunch of missing pieces for me around the different steps needed to vision, create and implement a successful membership site.

Everything Joy shared was valuable for me. From the hand-outs with specifics, to recommended resources, she covered the steps from “soup to nuts” to not only launch successfully, but continue to grow my lists, membership ranks and collaborate with others for mutual support and growth. I can’t say enough good things about Joy, her warm presentation style, thoroughness and fabulous information.

If you’re considering creating a membership community, Member Magnetism is the place to start!”

Kate Solisti
CEO, Kinship Enterprises and Harmony Pack

"I have been wanting to create a membership site in order to promote an online course. I am not tech savvy and had no idea where to start, what to charge, which membership site would work best for me and how to make sure that it was easy to use and accessible.

Luckily I found Joy!  She answered all of my questions thoroughly. Her attention to detail was remarkable and much appreciated. I would highly recommend her course!"

Mary Derbyshire
Alexander Technique Instructor

"I was not particularly aware of the benefits of running a membership site until I heard Joy’s introduction to her programme.

I had previously had a disappointing experience with a membership site but when I heard Joy talking about how it should be done properly, with the right structure, pricing and testing, I realised that I could do a much better job with her help this time.

I am now fired up to get started.

I would suggest to anyone who was thinking about starting a membership site that you should learn what Joy has experienced and now passes on, to ensure your Membership really delivers for your members and for you."

Jean Macdonald
New Midlife Woman Community

"Before I participated in this course, I thought a membership programme would be way too difficult for me, certainly not a thing for me. But right from the beginning, Joy introduced the subject in such a clear and easy to follow manner that she had my attention.  She addressed all the important stuff and I noticed that all it would take would be for me to become clear about how I was going to present my material in the future. It helped me a great deal to see that this was actually going to be do-able. 
I highly recommend this course because Joy’s presentation and materials are so well structured and she provides solid advice. Plus she’s so very friendly! 
I enjoyed this course so much that I’ve signed up for the year-long Advanced Skills program!” 

Andrea Hofman