Warning: If you're looking for just an ordinary training, this isn't it.  The Growth Solution is a 3-step approach guaranteed to bring in more members this year.  

It takes guts to be at the steering wheel of a membership-based organization today.

Competition is fierce. It takes just a couple of clicks for your prospects to find almost anything they want on the Internet. 

There are dozens of webinars in every industry, on nearly any topic, every single day... thousands of videos on YouTube... countless free groups on Facebook.

Still, you're doing everything you can to push your program forward... to deliver something unique to your market... content that is outstanding and resources that your members really need.

But growth isn't happening as fast as you expected.

You find yourself puzzled.  How can you speed things up?

I'm Joy Duling. I've been helping my clients launch, run and grow membership programs for more than a decade.  


I've worked with authors, speakers, experts, executives, board directors, trade group leaders and more... in industries ranging from healthcare, to technology, to pet care, to social services. 

Amidst all that topic diversity, they all face the SAME challenges with attracting, engaging and keeping the members they need for program survival. 

I also bring the unique perspective of having to play the role of membership-builder myself every single day in my role as Executive Director for a member-based nonprofit here in Central Illinois. 

I understand what it's like to have to convince people to join, to worry that they'll leave and to wonder if I'm doing everything that I possibly can to bring value.  Thankfully, my membership initiative here in Illinois has been awesomely successful, growing from just an idea around a conference room table to member contributions exceeding a million dollars every single year since 2012.

Not everyone finds that traction.

If your program isn't attracting members as quickly as you'd like, I designed the Growth Solution for you.

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Who This Program is For...

  • Existing Membership Programs that Want Faster Growth

  • Associations, Trade Groups, Member-Based Nonprofits & Businesses

  • Executive Directors, Founders, Membership Managers

This program is NOT for you if... 1) You do not yet have a membership program.... 2) You do not have authority or responsibility for your program's growth planning... 3) You aren't really interested in doing anything different to achieve the results you want.

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Step 1:  Assessment & Redesign - so that we can focus in on exactly what's working and what's not!

  • Web-Based Access to Training on Our Unique and Effective Member Magnetism Model - you'll have access to ALL modules right away, so you can complete the training at rapid-fire pace over a weekend... or you can ease your way through the course as your workload allows.

    Together, through the video modules, we'll cover:
    • Discovery: How to get more prospects to find you
    • Contemplation: How to get prospects to join faster
    • Activation: How to make the buy process friction-free
    • Onboarding: How to create an immediately welcoming experience
    • 1st 30 Days: How to create quick wins for fast engagement
    • Beyond 30 Days: How to build value over time
    • Pre-Renewal: How to prep members for an easy renewal decision
    • Post-Renewal: How to rekindle the relationship with members over the long-term
  • Step-by-Step Templates & Worksheets - participants RAVE about Joy's ability to simplify complex concepts... templates and worksheets walk you through every step of the magnetism assessment and redesign process. All you have to do is fill-in-the-blanks with your details.

Step 2: Implement - so that you can put the model to work quickly and effectively

  • Private Implementation Planning Session - After completing the training modules, you'll schedule a private session with Joy to blast through any situational questions you may have and get additional guidance on how to put the program to work in your membership

Step 3: Stay Accountable & Grow - so that you can know with absolute certainty that you're moving in the right direction.

  • Ongoing Metrics Tracking - you'll choose these metrics during your private session with Joy and we'll stay focused on improving those numbers throughout your entire experience
  • A Full Year of Growth-Focused Support & Trouble-Shooting - unlimited email support and virtual office hours reserved exclusively for you and your fellow Growth Solution participants.

Plus EXTEND Your Magnetism with These Awesome Bonuses!



The Growth Solution Program is PACKED with Value that Starts Immediately and Builds Over an Entire Year.

Enrollment in the Growth Program is $997 (you save 15% + get BONUS access to Membership Mastery Training). Each month, a new training is released focused on a more advanced skill, strategy or tactic that you can leverage to attract more members and keep them happy for life. 

Current members happily pay more than $500/year to participate in the Membership Mastery Training Program.  But you get access today as a FULL PAY BONUS.

Need installments to fit your budget?  If you prefer a payment plan, a 3-pay option is available for $365 x 3 (You still save 10%).  Or 12-pay for $97 x 12.


P.S. I take my whole "You Will Be Delighted" promise seriously. If you actively work the program I'm offering in The Growth Solution and you DON'T gain members this year, I'll refund 100% of your investment. That's about as no-risk as it can get.