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Start Building a Membership Around What You Do.

If YOU are a content creator, a cause promoter, an industry changer... the power of a like-minded community cannot be underestimated. Too often, though, the focus of membership-builders is placed on launching and filling their membership, without enough consideration given to member experience after the join.

Here, you'll find the resources you need to support membership-building end-to-end... from planning the ideal member experience, to beta launching, to finding the consistent growth that turns into a thriving community. 

I'm Joy Duling. I've been quietly helping my clients launch, run and grow membership programs for the past twelve years.  

I've worked with authors, speakers, experts, executives, board directors, trade group leaders and more... in industries ranging from healthcare, to technology, to pet care, to social services. 

Amidst all that topic diversity, they all face the SAME challenges with attracting, engaging and keeping the members they need for program survival. 

I also bring the unique perspective of having to play the role of membership-builder myself every single day in my role as Executive Director for a member-based nonprofit here in Central Illinois. 

I understand what it's like to have to convince people to join, to worry that they'll leave and to wonder if I'm doing everything that I possibly can to bring value.  Thankfully, my membership initiative here in Illinois has been awesomely successful, growing from just an idea around a conference room table to member contributions exceeding a million dollars every single year since 2012.

Not everyone finds that traction.  But you can... I'll walk you through it.

If you are new to membership-building...

I have a guide created just for you.  You can download it here.

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