So, You're Thinking About Starting a Membership?
  Pick Up These Three Gifts First.  They'll Help!

1)  FEATURED GUIDE: So, You Wanna Start a Membership Program?  Don't Spend a Dime Before You Read This!  

2)  QUICK CONCEPT PLANNER - Start Off FOCUSED!   This exercise helps you focus on a concept that is both member attractive AND keeps management do-able.

3)  PRINTABLE REFERENCE VERSION of the Member Magnetism Planning Model


Intrigued by the Possibilities of Membership? Want to learn what it will take to bring YOUR idea to life?

I occasionally offer a FREE Live Webinar for my audience on EXACTLY that topic.  

During the webinar, I also give people two resources that I don't give away anyplace else:  

  • a Launch Email Sequence Guide
  • an Interview Cheat Sheet that can be used to find out what your Target Audience wants or to collect Testimonials from your future members

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