So, You're Thinking About a Membership Program?  
You're in EXACTLY the Right Place.

STEP ONE: Claim Your Free Gifts!

As promised on Tamara Monosoff's Author-to-Income Formula webinar, I have three skip-the-learning curve resources for you.  

First is the print-friendly version of the Profitable Membership Site Planning Formula. This one page tells you the EXACT components that come together for your membership program.  I've also added two resources: "Why Won't They Join?" and "Why Won't They Renew?".  These guides are both immediately downloadable and address the most perplexing trouble spots for any membership program.

These quick guides drive right to the heart of what causes most membership programs to fail.

Just tell us where to send them:

STEP TWO:  Take advantage of this EXCLUSIVE offer that is ONLY available here on this page.

If you're an author, expert, coach or entrepreneur, you NEED a membership site.

Why?  ... because a membership provides another natural platform to showcase your expertise and build your tribe.  Plus, the financial leverage you can achieve is exponential. 

Yet, many people hesitate to build a membership program because they aren't sure where to start, what technology to use, how to structure the program or how to get members to join.

If these concerns feel familiar, this special launch prep program (created in collaboration with Tamara Monosoff) will make it easy to add a membership site as a source of income to support your book, speaking, consulting or other business goals.

Here's what you get:

Video Training Modules

Through one focused webinar session per week, we will succinctly cover what you NEED to know, skipping the fluff, and making it real-world practical.

Week 1:  Structuring Your Program
   What to put into your program, how to set prices, how to make sure it's what people want

Week 2:  Technology
   Protecting your content, choosing a platform, taking payments and automating renewals

Week 3:  Marketing
   How to get people to find out about your program and want to join

Week 4:  Managing It All
   How to scale your systems as your membership grows so that the work doesn't become overwhelming

Technology Demos

I've included walk-throughs for my favorite technology solutions for community-style memberships, course-style memberships, Wordpress plug-ins and digital product businesses.

Private Implementation Session

Complete the educational component and do the homework to qualify for a private Implementation Session where we will map your next steps and clarify anything that wasn't clear to you from the training.

Cheatsheets Galore!

Cheatsheet - "23 Ways to Help More Prospective Members Find You"
Cheatsheet - "18 Ways to Get Prospective Members to Sign Up Faster"
Cheatsheet - "9 Things to Put into Your Welcome Kit"
Cheatsheet - "19 Ways to Ramp Up the Magnetism of Your Blog Posts"
Cheatsheet -  "19 Ways to Ramp Up the Magnetism of Your Facebook Presence"
Cheatsheet - "50 Ways to Ramp Up the Magnetism of Your Website"

Plus a Cool Swipe File - "7 Templates for Common Member Communications"  like renewal notices, declined credit card notifications, testimonial requests, etc. 

Adding membership to your offerings CAN be business-altering, creating recurring revenue month after month.  BUT YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN. This course gives you exactly that... helping you avoid all of the pitfalls that most people stumble into when they are just starting out with their membership concept.


"I have been wanting to create a membership site in order to promote an online course. I am not tech savvy and had no idea where to start, what to charge, which membership site would work best for me and how to make sure that it was easy to use and accessible.

Luckily I found Joy!  She answered all of my questions thoroughly. Her attention to detail was remarkable and much appreciated. I would highly recommend her course!"

Mary Derbyshire
Alexander Technique Instructor

"I was not particularly aware of the benefits of running a membership site until I heard Joy’s introduction to her programme.

I had previously had a disappointing experience with a membership site but when I heard Joy talking about how it should be done properly, with the right structure, pricing and testing, I realised that I could do a much better job with her help this time.

I am now fired up to get started.

I would suggest to anyone who was thinking about starting a membership site that you should learn what Joy has experienced and now passes on, to ensure your Membership really delivers for your members and for you."

Jean Macdonald
New Midlife Woman Community

"Before I participated in this course, I thought a membership programme would be way too difficult for me, certainly not a thing for me. But right from the beginning, Joy introduced the subject in such a clear and easy to follow manner that she had my attention.  She addressed all the important stuff and I noticed that all it would take would be for me to become clear about how I was going to present my material in the future. It helped me a great deal to see that this was actually going to be do-able. 
I highly recommend this course because Joy’s presentation and materials are so well structured and she provides solid advice. Plus she’s so very friendly! 
I enjoyed this course so much that I’ve signed up for the year-long Advanced Skills program!” 

Andrea Hofman