Thanks for listening in on, "The 8-Step Formula for Keeping a Member Forever", part of the Wild Apricot Expert Series.

Here is a copy of the presentation and a print-friendly version of the model (with no blue background).

If Membership Growth is a challenge for your organization, you'll find all sorts of resources that can help as you poke around the website here.  But there are TWO SPECIFIC things that I want to draw your attention to...

First, is the 21-Day Challenge... this is a FREE resource that aims to help you gain MORE members in 21 DAYS than you have in the past 21 MONTHS. You can start ANYTIME and receive a new, totally do-able attraction strategy every day that will boost your visibility and frame you as a problem-solver for your audience.  To join the Challenge, simply enter your info in the box below and your first Challenge message will be on its way.

The second resource is another FREE webinar that may be of interest, "Your Next 50 Members: How to Find Them & Sign Them".

Would Adding Another 50 Members This Year Make a Difference for You?  What About 500 or 5000?

This is a 'workshop' style webinar so be prepared to put pen-to-paper!  

At the end, I'll give you an Excel version of the exercise that we'll be doing together so that you can use the tool to track your growth all year round.

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You'll get a replay if you can't attend live.


If I can be of any other assistance to you as you launch, run or grow your membership program, don't hesitate to reach out!